Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wednesday's Post Studio Post

Today the studio met for the second time this week. On Monday everyone had a one on one video conference which, for me, was interesting and somewhat frustrating. I was surprised to find that the one on one critique was not as foreign as I had expected via video conference and I felt pretty much right at home in our conversation. The most frustrating part was just the technical difficulties, simply, my computer wasn't able to handle the video feed, but hopefully all those kinks have been worked out, a trip to DCIT and a re imaged C drive should fix the problem for a while.

Today the studio tried a new means of communication. The entire studio entered a group chat to critique and gain insight from each other's posts. This again was a means of communication that I found had advantages and disadvantages. During directed conversation, we had some really interesting and fruitful discussion, the written log is also nice to go back and reference earlier comments; at times I felt like there was really good group conversation. The problems came it when several different ideas were tossed around at the same time, the conversation at times became jumbled and confusing. Also, if your work was being critiqued (or for Ron who was also being bombarded with questions and comments), it was hard to keep up with all the comments and I fear we may be at risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Overall, I feel that this could become an effective means of studio communication. This form of communication for a studio setting is of course new to all of us and so I think we still need to learn how to use the group chat effectively, like I said, there were times where I felt this was happening. The last thing I feel we need to look out for is verbal conversation amongst ourselves in the studio. Once or twice in the studio, there were conversations that didn't get completely delivered to Ron and this is also and issue which I feel is not a problem if the studio remembers to fill the professor in.


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